Nepal List is a community based web interface designed for online distribution of information pertaining, but not limited, to daily need related functionalities, products and merchandise, skilled tasks, services provided by multiple users.Skilled workers, sellers, recruiters can get themselves into the public sphere with no business overhead while users simultaneously name what they need.

The conventional approach in Nepal to locate a skilled task technician such as an electrician, or a plumber, carpet-fitter involves a massive inquiry within the network of your friends, families, neighbors, acquaintances to find out whether they know anyone with the skills that you are looking for. Similarly the technician goes through his own network seeking for potential tasks and opportunities. It is very rare that these two networks intersect and the needs of both parties are fulfilled. In this scenario Nepal list provides an opportunity to the costumer to name the task they need done, while simultaneously providing  the skilled technician a platform to list his skills and contact information. The demand and supply end are made aware of each other. The skilled technician becomes aware of a potential client while the costumer finds the skills he’s been looking for without having to go through the massive personal network.

A free of cost easy registration enables users to post their announcements on the Nepal List website. Nepal List also allows anyone to anonymously view the announcements without any registration.


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